My Hippo-what has a short in it? ~ 

Unable To Understand

This issue can be a scary one. However there is a reason for it and its common with Fibro or ME/CFS.

This is when we are watching TV, in a conversation, etc. and suddenly we feel as if we’re listening to something in another language. We seem to suddenly loose our ability to understand whats being said. 

Then other times, the speech may sound muffled or confused to us. 

The Hippocampus is the part of the brain which stores all memory, even our memory of language. When our brain is in recall mode, the front part of the brain goes to work to retrieve info thats stored in the hippocampus.

Many research study’s have discovered, during this process of retrieval, many with Fibro or ME/CFS have a glitch occur during this process. Its the same as when you turn on a light switch, you expect the light to come on and it doesn’t due to a power glitch connection. This is the same thing going on in our brain. 

All of our memory’s are stored, waiting for the frontal part of the brain to ask for them, even our memory of speech.

Clarissa Shepherd

First let me say that I have learned more from Clarissa about Fibro than I have on my own in 20 years! And this topic is one of them. 

I have always thought it was a form of fibro fog, but I am learning now that it is not. I’m not to interested in the science part of it, but what I do know is that this is scary. 

Sitting down having a conversation with a friend and suddenly I cannot decipher what they are saying. I kept thinking I was just spacing out, but now I know, it’s bigger than that. 

Watching tv, I don’t even bother anymore because it’s more overwhelming than anything! 

Fibro friends, you are not alone, this is common for us! 💕💕💕


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