Day 4 of a very long week~ 

Comparing dates to days is not working and just confused me, so I think today is day four and day 3 was just written after midnight last night. 

Anyway, whatever day it is, I had my dentist appointment today… 

My lovely bestie drove an hour to get to me to be here with me today and just as we are leaving the porch to to go to the appointment my charming hubby and son pull into the drive way, off of work in time to take me to the dentist. 

The guilt ripped through me because she had drove all this way… 

But I was also so happy hubby would be going with me! 

So here starts the appointment…

I asked about just pulling the tooth, the dr wasn’t thrilled about it but had no reason to pull it so we agreed on extraction. After he went through his pros and cons speech about the procedure he said he just needs to be sure that I am sure. I say yes then ask him “Ok now I need to make sure you are sure about having me as a patient- have you ever dealt with Adrenal Insufficiency or Addisons Disease.” And his response…

What is that? I’ve never heard of it!”  

So I explained, he was shaking his head and then said he needed a doctors release before they would do anything else. So I cal my best nurse Jess and she gets that taken care of. Then in comes a different Doctor. I guess the last one bailed. 

So right off I complicate things even more, my bp is 154/93 the highest I have ever seen it. On goes the laughing gas. BP goes right down. Then the numbing process starts, approximately 18 shots later the work begins, only to be stopped again by pain on my left jaw (we are working on the right.) OH-OSTEOPOROSIS??? We have to be even more careful! We start again, that tooth has one twisty root, so the sawing and grinding begin- that tooth is cut in three pieces! Then the digging begins. Finally 3 hours after getting in the chair and just in time for my doubled up HC dose, it’s out! 

I’m shaking uncontrollably and can barely walk, hubby has to assist me to the bathroom- then the HC kicks in! That was the only cortisol flag that went up! I am told to double tomorrow also! 

I’m home, minimally sore! I’m told tomorrow will be bad, not for the extraction site but my jaw. 

I was so scared of going into crisis, this was my first procedure since being diagnosed. I’d say, aside from the TMJ and Osteoporosis complicating matters, that it went okay. 

My hubby on the other hand, chewed a hole in his lip because he was getting mad at the way my jaw was being maneuvered. He’s so protective- I bet today was as tough on him as it was for me. 
As for Wednesday, it’s a rest day. Then Thursday night is the long drive to the medical doctor. Friday early morning is the cyst removal, regularly scheduled follow up and lab work. Then the long drive home. 

Yes there is some fun in this week, we are celebrating hubby and sons birthday on Saturday. Then Sunday I rest! 


2 thoughts on “Day 4 of a very long week~ 

  1. no reason for guilt…like i said, i would rather be there and not be needed than not be there and be needed….love ya… and i will be there again if i am needed / or not ….

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