Day 3 of a very long week~

I usually crash hard the first two days after our trips, but for some reason my body didn’t crash today. 

Well let me rephrase that, it wasn’t crashing, till about 6pm, then I started to feel it. But that could have also been from overdoing things today. 

Today was weird though, hubby decided we needed a second set of sheets for our bed and another set of bath towels (we lived in an RV for so long we only had one set of each.) Then our son helped clean house, like really helped; floors, polishing the stovetop and everything.

Now for the explanation; hubby wanted the extra linens so when I have a tough week like this week there will be plenty of clean stuff to last. And sons explanation was almost the same “because you are going to have a tough week mom.” 

How sweet are they? But at the same time I cringe at them knowing how tough this week is going to be. What I mean by that is they usually try to understand my challenges but they don’t fully get it (no one gets it until they get it.) so how are they “getting it” now? 

Still, it was very heart warming to see and feel the efforts. 💕

Oh wait, there was a weird thing happen today; I am needing new tennis shoes, so we picked a pair with the most padding and I sat down to try them on. I bent to put the sock on and the pain that went through my hip brought me back upright and holding in the scream took my breath away. I let the moment pass, breathing. Then tried it again, same thing. After the third try I tapped hubby on the shoulder and said “I need help!” In a voice just under a whisper, I’m not even sure sound came out. He looked confused, I usually can put on my own socks. I held up the sock, extended my leg toward him and said “I can’t do it!” It took everything I had to not break down in tears right there. 

Anyway, I got new shoes (that are not to small,) and the house and yards are clean, so I guess I am ready for tomorrow’s appointment. To root canal or to pull the tooth…


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