Arrived safely~ 

We have arrived at the hotel, it was nice getting here before 1am! But I didn’t soak in the pool, there were way to many people in there. 

I noticed a couple of things today…

1.) For some reason my body is using way more HC than usual! I know we talked about this last night (well I did) and realized it was probably hubbys lack of a job that had me so stressed,  But hubby got a new job and starts Tuesday, so I should be calming down, right? 

I was looking through my Medical chart through one of those online portals and seen the exact wording for the newest diagnosis; multi-system degeneration of autonomic nervous system. I couldn’t find all of those words together in an online search, but from what I think I gathered is one of the symptoms is it does effect my heart, so should I not even be paying attention to my heart rate in relation to cortisol lows? Or would it be even more important to pay attention now? I’m so confused. 
Haha, now I have forgotten what number two was! Seriously, there were two things I wanted to chat about. Oh well must not have been to important. 

I hope you are having a safe weekend, feeling as good as we can and having more happy fun than we normally get to! 💕


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