Tonight as I dropped into bed after fighting of this terrible headache all afternoon I had a thought! *lightbulb moment* 

First, let me say, that as I type this I see lots of letter shapers blurs on the white screen of my phone! Yes this has me concerned. It will straighten out in a minute. It’s been doing this for a couple of days. 

So anyway… This headache, it’s bad, like a severe hangover, *ha- I wonder what my pulse looks like* I usually monitor it throughout the day but I haven’t today or yesterday. So I checked my fit bit app…

During waking hours my pulse has ranged from 86-146 yesterday and today. I have only got in the orange a couple times ever! I can assure you I have not done any activity to get it that high. Now I am curious what my bp has looked like the last couple of days. 

So what is causing it? I am pretty sure it is cortisol related… 

…and as I wrote this I think I uncovered the answer…

It has been an intense week; the broke tooth, the ear thing, and it just kept going. But Wednesday is when my Fit bit started showing spikes and drops in my pulse~ the day my hubby became unemployed due to a crooked company. 

Is it possible that I have gotten good at not letting things get to me, but physically they still do effect me? Because I think this week has kicked my butt and I’m headed for a crash. 

But I don’t have time to crash, tomorrow we have and 8 hour drive, then Sunday 8 hours back, then Tuesday is the root canal (or just to pull the tooth,) then Thursday a 7 hour drive to the dr and 7 hours back home… 

Hmmm. AI Warrior Battles. 


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