Day One of a very long week! 

Well we are about an hour into our 8 hour drive! I didn’t get to sleep until after 4:30 am and hubby let me sleep till 11am. I woke up dazed and rushed, forgot my blanket and my pillow! 

Then I forgot to take the rest of my morning meds with lunch, and my 11am HC. At almost 2pm I notice because the pain is intense. I wish I had my pillow to just curl up and sleep till the meds kick in. 

Will arrive at hotel befor the pool closes, with my new and much larger than before swimsuit, to cool my muscles in the water before bed. 

In the morning we will get our few hours of making giggly memories and then make the 8 hour trip home, but that’s Day 2, so I will save those details. 

My “I wonder” thought for the day; I wonder why nature has it that the sicker we get the more we forget to take the medicines that would help us feel better! I wonder why….


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