No More Sensoring! 

Last night I wanted to post so bad, I had so much to say, but after the previous couple of days posts being so depressed and depressing I didn’t want to post more of that. My thought was “they don’t want to read that all of the time.”

Today I remembered though, that I started this blog to show the RAW everyday life of chronic illnesses! It’s not RAW if I am sensoring what I post. 


But today has been better! 

I actually stayed awake all day! That’s right no nap! I am seeing that I am sleeping much better, have better quality of awake hours, and more awake hours, my mood is not high then low! The brain fog is still intense. 

Oh, intense brain fog, or maybe it was some what sleep walking? Here’s a funny not funny story! So the other morning about 4:30 I woke up, reached for my phone, I swiped and swiped trying to get its screen to light up. Then I was Poking the rest of the screen! Nothing! I tried this for a few minutes, gave up and went to the bathroom. I also went to the kitchen for water to wash down my a.m. HC meds. I came back to bed, sat on the edge of it and tried again with my phone. Still nothing. So I rolled over and went back to sleep. 

So back up, back up to the first tries of me  swiping my phone, I remember looking at it thinking “that is my wrist.” Then “why am I poking my palm, this is not my phone.” But it didn’t stop me I popped my knuckles one at a time trying to get the screen to light up. I even switched hands. That’s right, I never even picked up my phone! 

I hope the was sleep walking not brain fog! But I remember it so clearly!!! 


Anyway, that’s all I have today! No more sensoring, I have have a week or a month of depressed days they will be posted. If I have a goofy sleep walkers thing, yep, I will post that too! 

Happy It’s almost the weekend!!! 


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