Another day that I ask “What is it all worth?”

Damn it things were supposed to start getting better, calmer, less stressful! What was I thinking? 

So I went to the dentist today to get that broken tooth fixed. Easier said than done! Turns out I need a root canal, the tooth busted from the inside and is infected! They kept asking if I was sure it hadn’t been hurting! Of course I’m sure or I would have gotten it fixed! 

So next week we get to spend approximately 1500$ on a root canal and whatever else to fix the tooth! Which also maxes out our dental insurance coverage for the year. 

But this isn’t the only issue, I’ve heard stories about adrenal crisis and dental procedures like this one! My dr has not supplied me with an emergency kit- I just emailed and asked again! So I am terrified of going into crisis during or after the procedure. 

I am sick of spending my hubbys hard earned money on all of this health related stuff!!!

Oh and I have extremely dry mouth and a prescription was written for a special toothpaste! 

I am no longer asking “What next?” Now my question is “What is it all for?” I’m sick of going through all of this crap, just to still be laying in bed! I am sick of the amount of money it costs my hubby! I’m sick of all of it. 

Deep breath! 

I need to slow down and breath, see the bigger picture, ground and center myself. Because right now, I cannot come up with an answer to my question. 


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