A Butterfly examines her wings~ 

Well here it is, another decade for me and this one is going to be different than the first 3 (thankful to those because they got me here and made me who I am.) This year holds a lot of healing and stepping into my authentic self, coming out of my cocoon, becoming the burning woman, a Phoenix rose from the ashes!

I’ve lost a lot of friends on this journey, I’ve also made a lot of friends on this journey. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, I’ve also learned a lot of lessons. Apologies Ive made and some still I owe, I’ve also done a lot of forgiving with more forgiving to to come. 

Tomorrow I step into another chapter of my journey, a chapter of inner work and outter service, a chapter of healing myself as well as being a light for others! I am excited about the courses I start, I am excited about the new friends I will make, I am burning with curiosity of where it will take me! 

I am already seeing the people that support me, I’ve learned to set boundaries and that has been too much for some, I’ve learned to take care of myself first and that too, has been to much for some. More changes are on the way, and yes I know, that will be too much for some. But for many, they will stay by myside, cheering me on with pride! 

Caterpillars don’t understand why the butterfly wants to fly. Caterpillars have heard the screams from the cocoon and wonder why would anyone need to change that badly. They are comfortable inching along. 

That is not part of my path, I need wings! 

The last two years of being sick has brought as much into my life as it has taken out and for that I am thankful! It sounds strange to be thankful for something that has cost so much money, time, and pain. But I know now that it has put me exactly where I needed to be! 

Regardless of if this array of chronic-ness keeps me housebound or let’s me become once more the social butterfly I once was, I am stepping into my power, stepping into my authentic self this year

I will host women’s circles, I will open doors to healing and opportunities for other women to step into their own power! I will make a difference in this world! I am a chronic Warrior Goddess


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