Love/hate relationship with Mr Sandman

Here it is, 4am and I am wide awake! I had been getting good sleep for the last week or so. 

I know this sounds crazy and backwards, but I sleep better at night if I’ve had a nap that day! Does anyone else do this too?

On the days I get a nap I usually sleep better at night! But if I don’t nap I get a second wind and am up all night! 


One thought on “Love/hate relationship with Mr Sandman

  1. I am convinced that my circadian rhythm is backwards. No matter hire much sleep over gotten, nap or no nap between the hours of 4-8 pm I’m exhausted although, as soon as about 9 or 10 pm hits, it’s literally live a switch and I’m wide awake. It’s exhausting on top of everything else! 😨😰😞

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