I’m feeling it, but when did it happen? 

I am feeling it, but when did it happen? I blinked and many years have passed me by! 

Seems like just yesterday my boys were babies.

Seems like yesterday that I was young (and oh so not smart.) 

I will be turning 40 on Sunday! I feel every bit of forty, my bones are twice that age, but when did my thirties happen? 

My baby, who will be 20 in 18 days, just found out he is going to be a daddy! I am going to be a grandma! 

Don’t get me wrong, 40 doesn’t bother me, I’m excited to join the grandma club! I just somehow missed a whole lot of time! 

Tonight I just feel in such limbo, life is waiting on a few major things, things I have no control over, things that will just take time and cannot be rushed. Yet I check the calendar, almost like life begins once this, this, and that happens! I want to fast forward past the stress, right to the happy moments, or maybe even to the calm-take a breath now moments. 

Maybe that is how I lose so much time, but wasting it wishing for it to fast forward. 


3 thoughts on “I’m feeling it, but when did it happen? 

  1. Turning 40 was tough for me. Like you I wondered where my 30’s had gone; my brother had died the Xmas before and my Dad died just before turning 40, which meant I didn’t feel like celebrating as his funeral was 2 days after my birthday.

    Turning 40 and grieving for my loved ones just reminded me I was getting older and that sent me into a tailspin. Took me a couple of years to settle into the new me – the 40s me. But I also took my power back once I got to grips with my age, feels good.


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