Ride baby-get off and push! 

Got your attention didn’t I? I’m talking about this stationary bike! My dr wants me to do 30 minutes of “brisk” riding per day. 30 minutes- okay I got this. 

Since my balance is bad, the plantar fasciitis hurts, I cannot be in the sun, and many other not leaving the house to exercise things are behind the scenes the doctor suggested a stationary bike! 

He has been pushing me to get in 10,000 steps per day- I am lucky to get in 3000, then I crash the next day. So we are trying this- 30 brisk minutes per day! 

Day one- I will start at five minutes and see how I feel! Day one @ 1 minute 11 seconds: the burn is bad. Keep going! Day one at 1:45 just make it to two minutes. Just two minutes and you can stop. Ride baby ride… But five minutes? Get off and push- push myself right to bed! Day 1 @ 2minutes and everything is on fire so much tears are rolling down my cheeks. 

Day Two- The goal is 2 minutes~ I can do this! And I did! It burned a lot! The pain is my hips is excruciating. But I did it! 

Day Three- Three minute goal~ at one minute the burning is intense but I got this! At two minutes my body is begging me to stop! I started singing (screaming) along to the radio and guess what? 3 minutes accomplished!!!

So here I am, proud of my three minutes, then remember that THIRTY MINUTES is my goal! Omg how am I going to do that? 

One minute at a time! 

So yes, day one I was extremely discouraged, I wanted to tell this doctor to push the stationary bike right up his…. I wanted to give up “I can’t do this” echoed in my head and body! But here I am, day 3, doing it! I may not be at THIRTY minutes, I may not even get to thirty minutes, and that is OKAY!!! 

Ride baby ride!!! 


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