My World Expands~

A question that is asked and probably just as often un-asked about how I spend my days;  “What do you do?” 

This answer could have a post of its own, but I’m focusing in on a couple of specifics… 1) I read. A Lot! 2) Social Media. A lot. 

About a month ago I had the brilliant idea of an online book club. Online! Perfect because I won’t miss book club nights! I can stay in my pajamas! The list of pros is ongoing. So I started the group. 

First let me say, the group has a theme; Women’s Empowerment! The books we will read each month will be about Women’s Empowerment in some major way. 

Luckily Lucy Pearce had came out with “Burning Woman” and I really wanted to read that. The few of us in the group agreed! So we started with book one! 

But what about the next month? I had exhausted my wish list for reading materials! 

There have been wrinkles to iron out, but it’s so nice having others to “talk” to about the books we read! I am so excited, my chronically ill world is expanding! 

But the expansion does not stop there, my reading Wish List is full enough to keep me busy for the next year! We talk about new and old books, the current book refers to other books— more excitement!!! More expansion. 

In all honesty I am behind in my readings, my lack of focus and retention are weighing on me. At first I was thinking I can’t do this, I was going to cancel the group. Then I realized, there is a reason I called the group a “circle,” because we are all equally in charge- therefore equally NOT in charge… That took the pressure off of me and now I am enjoying slowly reading! 

“Burning Woman” is a great book by the way! 

I love that I have found a way to combine my love of reading with the ease and interaction of Social Media! I love that it has expanded my world, that feeling feels like less isolation. 

I love my soul sisters! 💕


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