I should never boast!!!

I was all sorts of bragging and boasting “check me out riding 3 minutes on the stationary bike!” I was feeling like I won the olympics! 

Guess where I am now?

Flat on my back! 

My toes are trying desperately to curl under my feet, making walking nearly impossible and terribly painful!

My arms hurt so bad I can’t even hold a too the brush! (The bike is one that the arms move back and forth too!) 

Between my shoulders hurts so bad the ice pack is only melting. 

I’m damn if I do and Damned if I don’t. What if pushing forward just does more damage? What if pushing forward really ends up helping? At what point will I know which “what if” is the correct one? 

Laying in bed, stretching my toes, reminding myself that it’s never nice to brag or boast. Thank you karma for the reminder! 😝


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