Meet Chopper~

I’d like to introduce to you, Chopper! 

Chopper is not just any ordinary ball chasing dog, although he started out that way. Chopper used to be the dog who was not into cuddles, just wanted to play with his ball! Always the ball!

Then I started getting a different kind of sick and all of that typical ball chasing dog seemed to have changed. 

What is “a different kind of sick?” Well fibromyalgia is nothing new to me. But about two years ago my symptoms got way worse and new symptoms were added! About 9 months ago I was diagnosed with Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency- aka Secondary Addisons Disease! 

I don’t know exactly when Chopper changed, at first I remember him being very clingy. I thought it was his age, he is not a young dog anymore. But after diagnosis and treatment started I really seen a new behavior. 

Chopper would wake me around 3am, clawing at the bed, whining, yelping in weird tone to get my attention. Once awake I felt the bad hangover headache of low cortisol. I would take a small dose and go back to sleep. 

That is when I realized, Chopper was sensing my low cortisol, waking me up to take my medication then he would happily go back to bed. So I started paying attention to his behavior during waking hours.

He would play or sleep as usual, but if I start to get stressed or the fibromyalgia/Myofascial pain get bad Chopper comes to cuddle. If I wait to long to take my Hydracortisone, he gets whiny. 

Yes, Chopper is my service dog, he trained himself! When it comes to my health he will drop the ball and be at my side. 

The picture above is Chopper letting me know that my 11am medication needs to be taken sooner because it has been a stressful morning. 

The medication has now been taken and I am in bed to rest! Soon he will be jumping down to get in his own bed or to find a ball! 

Chopper is a blessing! 


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