Angry & Bitter~

Tonight I was reminded again, about how expensive the price I pay for other people’s decisions, and I am not going to lie- I am sick of it!!! 

Tonight was innocent, no harm intended, but harmful to me just the same. What they call an adrenaline rush I call a cortisol crash. They didn’t mean for it to do this to me, yet here I am cuddled in bed in high pain because of it. 

I was actually having a good day too! 😢

It always seems to go this way, my health paying a price for decisions others make! Is it always going to be this way? Why? What is the point of it for me? 

It is hard enough for me to keep my health somewhat functional, but to add the repercussions of those around me? 

I ask again, what is the point of it for me?

Then they act as if it were me, me who over-reacted! Ummm HELLO- my body doesn’t know how to Not Overreact. So what exactly was I supposed to do? 

I’m getting angry and bitter about constantly living my life on egg shells just so I can survive this life! 

Rant over! 


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