Medication OOOPs!!!

I am a wee bit upset! And lucky I caught the mistake! 

So, happy Saturday! Time to refill the pill organizers! This task is exhausting to me because I have a hard time keeping it all straight. You know how it is; empty stomach vs with food, once a day-four times a day- once a week, just morning or right before bed— blah blah! I have gotten pretty good at it. Well and I use a cheat sheet! 

Now let’s talk Hydracortisone… My dose is 25 total per day. I take 10 at 6am, 5 @ 11am, 5 @ 4pm and 5 before bed/3am=25. 

Since I started HC in November of 2015 I have been on 10mg tabs from the pharmacy. Easier to half cut them. So I got in the routine of filling the 6 am slot with a whole tab and the rest get halves. Easy enough right?

Until a new nurse does not see the purpose of 90 10mg tabs so she changes the script to 45 20 mg tabs!!! 

Here is where I am upset!!! 

I was in the routine, I didn’t read the bottle – does anyone read the bottle of a med they take every month??? 

I started cutting tabs and making a pile, had up the rest of the old bottle and started in on the new. I filled the organizers then I noticed something wasn’t right, the half tab had a 2 on it. I checked the bottle- sure enough 20mg…

So here I sit, all these half tabs of 10’s and 20’s all mixed up! 😡

I understand people make mistakes! I get it! But this is not the first, or even second mistake this nurse has made with me! I’ll be calling Monday!!! 

Irritated and over medicated!!! 


4 thoughts on “Medication OOOPs!!!

  1. This could be a pharmacy issue. (I’m a pharmacist.). It’s possible that they didn’t have enough 10 mg tablets to fill your prescription, so they substituted with 20 mg tablets. This is legal, however, shame on them for not telling you that they did that. You should have been informed when you picked up the prescription, or there should at least have been a sticker on it to draw your attention to the fact that it was different.

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    1. Ohhh! I never thought of it being an issue from the pharmacy. I assumed it was this nurse, because she has messed up a few things during that one appointment. I will call Monday and find out.
      Thank you! I would be so upset with myself if I blamed her and it wasn’t her. 😢


    2. You were right! It is a pharmacy issue!!!
      The pharmacy changed it to 20mg because “the directions say to take 10mg 3 times a day with a total of 30 so the twenties will work.” I explained how I actually spread out smaller doses throughout the day and he said “well you are doing it wrong then.” They refused to change it. So my dr is calling in another order specifying that I need the 10mg tablets. I wonder why all of a sudden they are changing it. He said they do have the 10mgs in stock.


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