Even Good Stress~

Last night I watched my son grow from a boy to a man right before my eyes! Okay so not literally a boy, he will be 20 next month, but I still watched the most amazing thing…

Him and his girlfriend sat across from my husband and I, talking and making plans. 

They are going to be parents in May!!!

I am going to be a grandma in May!!!

Watching the fear and excitement, watching as his hand never left her, rubbing her shoulder, her back, her hand. Asking questions that I didn’t even know he would think to ask. Talking about time off work to go to appointments… 

He went from looking up truck accessories to looking up cribs overnight! 

I was wrapped in the emotions of it all!

 I didn’t even think to updose at all! I always remember to updose when it’s bad stress or physical stress (I used to forget this one too.) but updosing for a happy occasion was not even a thought.

Not even a thought until I woke up this morning feeling very sick- as soon as I opened my eyes I knew what my mistake was. 

Honestly it makes me so mad that I have to think like that! It makes my family hide the bad and now the good from me so they don’t stress me out and make me sick! I don’t want to be left out! When they have news to share I don’t want to be part of the equation because “it will stress me out!”  

Today I smiled through the urge to crawl in a hole! I didn’t want the attention on because once again I am sick! I wanted the light to shine on the happiness. 

Anyway, note to self…

Updose during ANY stress! Good or bad!!! 


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