Organization in the Fog~

I truly do not understand how people set up their own medication when their brains are fogged. I surely do not understand how people get their medications right when they take each med straight from the bottle! 

More than once lately have I found one to many or not enough of a medication in my daily organizer! And I am super organized! Let’s take a look at my organization…

Here it is, in a big black cosmetic bag, with a zipper I can lock closed. 

Open it up~ in the top zipper compartment I used to keep my B12 injenction syringes, but now I keep extra emergency medications. I also keep a pen handy and an updated “CURRENT MEDICATIONS” list. This is important in case I am rushed to the Emergency Room, the bag can be easily grabbed in a hurry! 

Once the weekly organizer (main medications divided by 4 times daily) is removed, there are 3 smaller weekly organizers (pink is the PM medications, green is AM medications- the medications I take before I even get out of bed, the purple is the “as needed per day” medications like pain or muscle relaxers, then the mini purple organizer carry one days worth and extra emergency medicines.)

As you can see the inside of the Black cosmetic case are the prescription and supplement bottles, but those are somewhat organized too. And the pockets each contain things like doctors instructions, dated past “current medication” lists so I know when one was stopped or started, the pill cutter is in one pocket. 

When at home the AM & PM medication organizers stay by the bed, the large weekly organizer stays on the kitchen counter along with the “as needed” organizer. While the cosmetic bag sits on a shelf with my newly organized medical binder! 

There it is, organization even in the fog, and on the go! 


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