Sleepy-Cloudy & Drizzly-Foggy day~

I’ve slept most of the day, dozing between calls to the doctor and to the pharmacy. Dreamless, restless, yet sound sleep! Sleepy day!

Outside the temperatures have cooled and it’s nice! I dozed off in the rocker and woke to drizzling Falling from a dark clouded sky! Cloudy & Drizzly! 

The brain fog is thick today! I argued and argued with the sweet lady pharmacist that I had not picked up a prescription, as I am rummaging though my giant cosmetic bag that is used to hold my prescriptions I am explaining that all of my medications would be in this bag and it’s not here… “Oh, oh yes, here it is! Unopened!” Then I apologized profusely! Even the Refill list for August had it checked off! What was I thinking. Foggy day! 

What do you do on down days? Yes we sleep- a lot, but do you read, crochet, watch tv? I can’t watch much tv- the over sensory stimulation makes me feel worse. I usually blog, play on face book, and read. Lately the reading is a challenge too! 

Well my eyelids are getting heavy, so that’s my cue to roll over-ish and get more sleep!!! 

Happy Wednesday!!! 


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