Deeeelayed Reaction~

Usually after traveling or a stressful event I will crash for a couple of days recuperating. But not this time. I told my hubby and son on Monday when I was feeling energized “it’s coming! I’ll get as much as I can done before it sets in.” But then on Tuesday and I was still feeling energized I thought I had avoided the “post travel crash.”

This morning I woke with that familiar hangover headache, the spins, and drenched in sweat. After sitting on the edge of the bed for a minute I finally stood up carefully, the pain shot through me- yep today is the crash! A wee bit deeeelayed reaction! 

And as usual I can’t have just one set of odds against me, let’s add in the rain pains too! As if I’m not already hurting bad enough! 

On a good note, I am still getting more that two hours sleep, last night was about 4 hours!

As for today, today is a stay in bed and rest day! Two of the 3 Healing Hounds are already comfy in their spots.  Let the boredom of a crash day commence!!! 


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