You Are Not Alone~ 

Sending a special shout out to all of my fellow spoonies, you rock! You are all amazing proof of courage and strength! I know we don’t feel so strong or courageous most of the time, but wow look at what we go through daily…

Doctors with preconceived notions, who don’t listen, and forget that we  are the ones hiring them! 

Friends and family that turn their back, minimize our illness, are not supportive, and barely believe we are sick.

Jobs and bosses that cannot/will work us. 

Strangers that judge us.

And all of that on top of our physical and emotional everyday stuff…

Ummm- dang we are Badass, chronic Warriors, courageous fighters who battle everyday! Everyday!!! 

Kudos to you my Warrior Spoonies!!!

And just in case today’s battle is tougher than some, remember that YOU are never alone. There are many of us fellow Warrior Spoonies, fighting daily, and we will help you fight to! Never be afraid or ashamed to reach out!!!



2 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone~ 

  1. Thank you! I’ve been relying heavily on my husband for emotional support. It has come to my attention that this probably isn’t healthy for either of us.

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    1. It’s hard no to turn to our supportive partners. I rely mostly on others in groups! One fibro group I am in is amazingly supportive, night or day. I’m getting better at other conversations with hubby now, not just sickness related.


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