Traveling HURTS!!!

You will hear me express my love of these 16 hour weekends often. 8 hours to our destination and 8 hours home. But not just any ordinary 8 hours- we leave after hubby gets off of work Saturday afternoon/evening, arrive in the wee hours of the morning, do what went to do till about 3 Sunday afternoon, then the 8 hours home again. 

These trips really put me down! The traveling, the lack of comforts of home, the weather changes- it all gets to me! Not to mention the over- sensory stimulation! That is way bad. 😁

I curl up with a blanket and pillow, comfy clothes, gatorades and water, and… Hmmm that’s about it. 

These are usually rush trips, stopping for fuel only. I try not to sleep, I keep hubby awake, after all he is the one working on top of the travels. 

But OMG the pain, the nausea, the fatigue! 

4 more hours and hopefully the weather is permitting the pool to be open, I could really use a cool dip on these hot muscles. 


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