My own fault~

I have not got on a routine yet with these new medications.  But I do have a “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” story for you…

The Flexeril (for the MP) is making such a difference in my pain, I can’t believe no one thought to give me it before. 

Usually (before the Flexeril) when I started feeling bad I knew it was time for my hydrocortisone (for the AI) pill. So today I was not feeling terrible, but I could feel myself getting steadily worse. Not the pain in my hips and neck,  buy Sick to my stomach, sweating, increase in pulse.i was getting bad quick. 

Then I realized I had skipped my 11am and 4pm HC! Oops! I took the HC and am doing much better now! 

So, I need to learn, again, how to tell my symptoms apart! And remember to take meds on time. Yes my alarm reminders went off but I was busy! Lol- 

I don’t know if I dropped from exhaustion of if the Flexeril actually helped, but I got 6 hours of sleep last night! 

It was my own fault, forgetting my HC is never a good idea! 


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