I guess it was exhaustion~

I thought for sure we had finally found a combination of medications/supplements that would get me sleeping! I mean, last night I got in 6 full hours of sleep, why wouldn’t I assume that tonight would be fluffy pillow dreaming. 

But of course it wouldn’t be that easy! It was my wishful thinking, hoping and praying that sleep would become a normal thing for me. But of course not! 

The pain isn’t to bad tonight, I still think the Flexeril is working- or at least easing the pain. 

So far have not noticed a difference with the Enlyte. 

Life has been out of routine the last couple of weeks, so it’s understandable that I’m a bit bonkers at the moment! Give me a few days and I it should start calming down! 


One thought on “I guess it was exhaustion~

  1. Keep going with the Enlyte. My research said three weeks before effects work out. I’ve been trying sleep talk downs/ meditationse. It helps a lot. Not perfect, but at least I can fall asleep. Hugs

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