I think I lied. 

Last night I posted that I wasn’t on any pain medication. I think I lied, I am on a few that are “considered to help with pain. 

I also was in so much pain last night that I was badly kicking myself for not getting the injection. Ummmm—- today I remembered that the dr had sent me home with medications and I remember one being the first attempt at treating the Chronic Myofascial Pain (MP) SERIOUSLY??? Who forgets they have a tool like that? 

So earlier tonight I took one of the mighty little pills, it didn’t make me tired! That part kinda bummed me out! But I am laying on my side as I type this and my hip is not killing me. Maybe this will work? Do I dare become hopeful? 

I looked up the medication, cyclobenzaprine. And this is where I realized that I think I lied in last nights post…

I am on a medication for each of the categories listed; Cymbalta, Lyrica, and of course the cyclobenzaprine.  So I am on medication for pain. I apologize! 

I am on so many medications that I have forgotten what half of them are for. 

I am so hopeful that this will work!!! 


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