Chronic Pain & Medication

I’ve watched my Spoonie friends be put through the ringer by friends and family accusing them of being hooked on the pain meds, “faking” their illness to get pain meds and a bunch of other such accusations and it makes me so mad. 

I mean seriously healthy people, when you are in pain you are the first to rush to the pill bottle! (Most of you!) but when someone who is in severe-debilitating pain EVERYDAY is on pain meds it’s wrong? It’s addictive? We live with this everyday! You get a headache or a cramp and need relief!  What is the logic in that? 

This topic has always upset me, but not for the reasons you think, I  will get to that in a minute. Most of my fellow spoonies don’t even take meds for the simple stuff because that pain is nothing compared to our daily pain. Yet it is you judging them? 

Today someone asked me about my pain medication intake, with good intentions, yet accusational of addiction. So let’s clear a few things up…

  1. Who wouldn’t get addicted to being in less pain?
  2. The prescription would say MY name on it, do you not know how tight gripped doctors are with meds? 
  3. News Flash- I AM NOT ON ANY- I repeat not ANY pain medications! 

Oh wait, you are surprised? You thought this whole time I have been hooked on prescription pain medication? First, shows how much you really know me! Second, I wish I was taking prescription pains meds, but they either don’t work for me or make me so sick I can’t function any way! Third, if I was on them and it was bringing me relief- you better believe I would get addicted to feeling almost normal! 

To clarify, I am on medications like Lyrica for the fibro, and other such medications, but the accusation was made toward more pain specific medications! 


To my fellow spoonies, stay hooked on relief from the pain! I envy you that ability! And tell the healthy hurtfuls to mind their own addictions! đŸ˜‰

PS. I really need to stop letting people get to me. 


2 thoughts on “Chronic Pain & Medication

  1. I tried Lyrica, made me insane. Ugh. The pain relief and energy was nice though. I wish narcotics would work. I would at least be able to work! Take care and rest up.

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