Will it ever STOP? Alphabet Soup Syndrome

I lay here tonight, the pain is excruciating, as it always is after a drive and I think to myself; Will it ever stop?

Today my lovely list of serious seven got changed to the Nasty Nine! That’s right two more added! 

First let me say, someone usually attends my appointment with me to remember the details, today that was not possible. Today I should have kept notes! The appointment was about 2 hours longer than normal and way intense! So I am still remembering bits and pieces here and there. My favorite nurse will be messaging me the details tomorrow! 

New Diagnosis #1 is Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Also known as Chronic myofascial Pain (CMP) Learning what I learned today I wonder how it was ever missed! This is common in people with fibromyalgia so it should be no surprise to me. 

New Diagnosis #2 is the one that has me fogged the most. It has something to do with damage to my autonomic nervous system! I wish I could be more specific but I cannot remember much about this part of the appointment. It was a shock to see what my results were compared to what they should have been. 

So tomorrow I start more new medications! Then I go back in a month with a decision to do the injections for the CMP! 

On the way home tonight I decided I have “Alphabet Soup Syndrome” (ASS) haha! Because I have Fms/CFS/ME/CMP, SAI, Just to name a few! It makes alphabet soup! Funny-not funny! 

When does it ever stop? Always a new diagnosis, always new medication. Always the pain! No matter the diagnosis there is always the pain. 

Although I wanted to scream and cry, and I’m sure I will in the quiet of the night, I am trying to be hopeful that at least with more answers, I will start to feel better with the treatments. Right? Right? 

Nope- I still want to scream and cry!  

Anyway, there are the highlights of the appointment. 

GERD medicine is working well, Plantar Fasciitis is doing well, numbers for Cortisol are okay, the ear is not infected but the cyst will need removed later, I DO have neuropathy in my feet, that little list goes on too, but not much to worry about. 

Well I’m home, nauseous with pain, and my focus is slipping. So good night my friends! 



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