What is the point?

Tonight I lay here thinking about todays appointment, this blog page and why I started writing. I started this to bring awareness to… Oh I answered myself before I even started. 

What I was thinking; I started this to bring awareness to chronic illnesses, to support those with chronic illnesses so we all know that we are not alone. 

At the time of starting this I had a couple of specific illnesses I was targeting, that list has grown and tonight I wanted to give up writing this because “who can really relate when I have so much going on?” I don’t have tips or tricks to improve our life, I wish I did. 

But as I started writing this I realized that my original purpose still exists, the reality of every day life with chronic illness- exposing it for what it is. And letting my fellow spoonies know that we are not alone! Regardless of our diagnosis, a chronic illness is a chronic illness. 

I’m not sure why I wanted to give up, was it really the blog I wanted to quit or something bigger? 

I promised myself that I would write this, if I even help one person is some way by reading something I have written, then I have reached my goal and there is purpose to what I go through. 

I found the point. 


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