Friend Envy~

Tonight I am having a serious case of friend envy! Or maybe it is activity envy. Not the pity party kind, okay maybe a wee bit, but more like the “lucky them” kind. 

Facebook statuses are announcing; 

Spent the day floating the river.”  Ohhh that sounds relaxing and fun, but nope, not for me! Even if my pain allowed it, my fatigue wouldn’t, and OMG I get sick thinking about the photosensitivity issues even if I was in a UV body suit! Oh but I can imagine the laughs and conversation and relaxation

“At _______ concert!” There are a bunch of these tonight! I’m green with envy! I remember when the sensory stimulation wouldn’t completely drain me, increase the pain, and make me so sick. Not to mention the physical comfort ability to attend a concert. I have been to one concert, my best friend took me to, a sit down concert and I did okay!!!

“Out dancing…” Well let’s just say I used to love that! I miss that! I miss the social and the activity! 

While I am envious of my friends, I am excited for them to be able to do these things and I pray they know how lucky they are. I took those days for granted! I wished I would have savored those moments! 

Nope, tonight is not sadness for myself, it is happiness for them, and a lot of gratitude for me getting to live vicariously through their posts! 😉

Happy Beach going, river floating, concert jamming, bar dancing, fun Friday night to the Healthies! Do not take your moments for granted! 💕


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