3:33am ramblings~

Yep it’s after 3am~ this Painsomnia is kicking my arse! Tomorrow is going to be a long day! 

Insomnia-Painsomnia is such a boring thing to have. No one is awake to bother. Lol. 

I took a cool shower, trying to relax my aches, applied DMSO to my neck hoping that will help. The cyst on my ear that has been there for at least a year decided to be removed via a needle and pinching- dumb idea! I treated the allergy burns on my scalp with an aloe treatment, seriously where did this allergy come from? I have never had a reaction! I usually get blisters on my scalp (and everywhere else) when I’m stressed, I do have them everywhere else, so weird timing, or scalp made more sensitive to color due to stress?  Now the pain in my body is worse from all of the activity and I surely won’t be sleeping anytime soon. 

I used to be able to read to keep myself busy, but something in my brain is closed just enough that reading is just words and they don’t sink in. I haven’t wanted to admit this, in fact it is actually scary to me. I loved reading! I love the books I have on hand for reading! Something is just not connecting! 

I’m really hoping all of this new “stuff” is simply stress related and it goes away on its own when the stress simmers down. I hope it simmers down. Soon. SOON! 


6 thoughts on “3:33am ramblings~

      1. I’ve got to admit, I’m struggling too and it hurts my heart when I can’t get into regarding because of a foggy brain or too much pain. Reading is a great passion of mine and not being able to focus on the content is so disheartening.

        I’m hoping to get some reading done tonight.

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