If I stop I am scared I will drop.

This week is so out of schedule for me, it has been a roller coaster of emotions and activity for both ends of the spectrum. 

I was running on fumes by Tuesday and am somehow still going! Last night I did get good sleep, not solid due to my Healing Hound waking me before 3am to take some HC, but it was good sleep! 

My body however, it is not happy with me! Every time I lay down to rest my muscles start to spasm, my neck stiffens up causing so much pain to move. So I get up and move around, just for my knees, ankles, and hips to resist every movement with more pain. 

The reclining chaise that I usually provides some relief is of no help, I really think it makes things worse! 

Then to top it off I think I have developed an allergy to hair coloring- blisters on my head are painful but mostly irritating!

Emotionally I am in a good place, but physically I am scared that if I stop I will drop


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