Before Adrenal Insufficiency tried to kill me~

Fibromyalgia was diagnosed 20+ years ago, I had learned to live with that, learned some tricks that worked for me! 

But then when Adrenal Insufficiency tried to kill me I forgot about all of the old tricks. It took a year at my sickest point for a doctor to say “this is Not a fibro flare.” and start me on medication for Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency. 

Before the SAI diagnosis, I had tried all of my old fibro tricks and nothing worked or even helped so I gave up on them all. That is until recently…

Boost was my go-to every night before bed! It worked amazing for the insomnia! We bought it by the cases! It was packed for trips just like my medicine and makeup! I swore by its assistance in helping me sleep! 

I’ve been told it’s the Protien, I am not sure of the Whys or how’s, but it helped. 

So tonight I am trying it again since the SAI is somewhat regulated! Maybe I will sleep?!

Wish me luck! Actually- wish me sweet dreams! 


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