You Find Out Who Your Friends Are~

I have ranted, screamed, and cried over this topic, I don’t even know why it still bothers me but it does. A lot! 

Chronic Illness and friendships~ yes I know, it’s well covered topic because people disappear when we get “sick!” It happens to all of us, so this is not a pity party but a what the heck is wrong with people party?!

I have never, would never wish what I have on anyone, but wow sometimes I wish I could see Karma knock on their door. Would they suddenly understand how cruel they were if they were to become chronically ill like me? Would their understanding of chronically ill people change? 

I am talking about the people that disappear when we are no longer the person we once were. I understand that we change, how could we not change? We live in pain 24-7, we usually cuddle to insomnia or Painsomnia at night, struggle to be human durning the day, all of this causing depression and moodiness. Yes, we do change! 

I think even worse than the “friend” who disappears is the friend who responds to the good but never to the bad. Social media for example, I post good stuff and it gets liked by the fair weather friend. But I post about a rough day and nothing. Where is the support? 

Fair weather friends piss me off! How is that for blunt? They stay in the background while I struggle and pop their face up when it appears all is well! I understand that people don’t always know what to say, but the πŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’™ or (hugs) comments mean so much! Simple encouragement would not take much time from their scrolling. 

I have “unfollowed” and even deleted many of those fair weather friends. I don’t have the energy to let them hurt my feelings anymore. Some of them though, I just can’t let go of. I have stopped responding to most of them, but I cannot get it through my head how can people treat people like that? 

It blows my mind how people treat us when the illnesses don’t go away like the flu. Do not they not realize that we are still ourselves, trapped in this painful body, with a foggy brain-HELLO!!! I am still in here! I am still me! Do they not realize They are not the only one who lost the person they knew? 

I do have all weather friends that I am truly thankful for. They are there rain or shine, through the moods and the aches, through the good and the bad! Wiping tears, cheering me on and celebrating successes! For these, these are the true friends! To those friends~ I love you! I appreciate you!


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