Who I am~

It’s days like today, better days, more clear minded days, that I reflect on Who I am now in a positive light! 

Today has been a decent day, few and far between, but ever so thankful! 

It is these days that I am thankful for the person I am now. I would never have become this person had it not been for these chronic illnesses. I would be off doing something else instead of pursuing the feminine spirituality, learning to host women’s circles and empowering book circles! I would not have the power within myself, I would still be searching outside of me for me. 

I don’t always like the depressed and bitter me. I cannot stand the pain and fatigue, but I am learning to see that to be balanced I must accept and feel the shadowy sides of me to! 

Obviously I would choose not to be sick, but the growth I have experienced is mind blowing. 

Who I am now,  is making a difference in other people’s lives! Who I am now is helping others to heal! 


2 thoughts on “Who I am~

  1. how true.
    i always fluctuate between i hate being sick!make it stop already!
    and… wow this illness has transformed me into a better person.
    kudos to you for being so optimistic and hopeful in the face of serious medical problems!

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