Tonight I read a post that hit so close to home and it made me realize why people just “don’t get it” when it comes to my health! * I will post the link at the bottom. 

I get so sick of “well my cousins husbands sisters friend has that (insert illness) and she still works (or is doing much better than me.) Even when it isn’t said, I know the thought, it’s written on their face. 

It’s like they think I am pretending to be as sick as I am! Oh I wish I was pretending, then I wouldn’t feel the way I do! Wouldn’t it be awesome to lay around for luxury instead of necessity? Or the dr appointments just for something to do? I would surely rather spend the medication money on other things! 

Anyway, I guess it is easy for people to miss the big picture! They know someone who has (insert illness) so their mind stops there, they miss the other diagnosis’ because they have no reference point. (I’m trying to be understanding.) 

But the big picture is SNOWBALLS! 

Each of my Serious 7 torments each other! And together they all make a huge, rapidly growing, destructive mass of a snowball! 

I do not have Just Fibro, I do not have Just SAI, I do not have Just hypothyroid, I do not have Just Chronic Fatigue, I do not have… You get the point… I do have them all, mixed and mashed into one body! 

So while I do appreciate trying to relate, please do not judge me (or anyone,) based on one or any of the illnesses that someone you know has. We all are different! 

To say anymore would be repeating the article, so here it is…
Oh and congratulations, we made it through Monday. 💕


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