Accept The Things…

I cannot change. Accept the things I cannot change. Accept the things…

I cannot change. Oh these words, they remind me of a roller coaster— up up up and swoooooosh down! What can I change and what I need to accept, when I am not so good at acceptance. Sometimes I do great at rolling with the flow, accepting and looking for the silver lining (up up up!) 

Then without noticing I start trying to control everything and try bulldozing my changes on things I have no control over. (Swooooosh) and that just makes everything so much worse. (Down) 

Rather it is my health or other life circumstances I want to fix it, make it better, make it right and I will hurt myself trying. And usually I make it worse. Usually my pushing makes me sick from the stress, from the energy loss, etc. 

So tonight I just send up a request, to all of us pushing, denying, fighting, that we find acceptance of what we can’t change with peace. 


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