I’ve got the Best- Best Friend~

And we have the most fascinating story~

We used to travel for my husbands work, literal Gipsies, living out of a camp trailer and going from town to town! I loved it, but it got lonely, making friends on the road is hard and keeping them is even harder. 

My husbands job was taking us to a new town, so as always I researched laundry facility, hospitals, doctors,  RV parks, places to eat and things to do, and Of course the nearest metaphysical shop! 

I found Emilia through her shop! I emailed her first, voulenteering astrology readings at her shop! Looking back, that was kinda crazy- she didn’t know me at all!  Anyway I started spending a lot of time (and money) at her shop and our friendship blossomed! 

At this point I was just unwell, not super sick. The Fibromyalgia had its days, as fibro does, but it was just fibro! 

Then the job moved us away, I cried! I was lost without my new friend. But it was part of what we do! I figured that she, like most of my friends, would fizzle from my life. But she didn’t! 

And Then I began getting sicker, and sicker, and… Finally diagnosed with Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency. 

Just shy of two years after meeting her, my husbands work brought us back near where the friendship bloomed. About an hours drive. 

I’m much sicker now, I’m not the person I was two years ago. I was worried what that would do to our friendship! 

My issues with driving means she makes all the trips to see me. My good day/bad day issues means canceling plans at the last minute. She walks alongside my wheelchair (when I’m in it)  as if I wasn’t in one. My horrible memory, moody days, my sleepless nights and incoherent days- she is always there with support, a giggle, a distraction, a coffee, a different perspective!

Our Two Year sister-versary! 

We have now adopted “Midnight Margaritas!” A girls night, a slumber party that involves movies that we never watch because we are busy talking, she tried to teach me to crochet, sometimes we go out to dinner and sometimes we stay home, but we have “Midnight Margaritas!” Now as most people on a ton of meds we cannot have alcohol, so she drinks Virgin Margaritas with me! Now how supportive is that? And lucky for us, our amazing hubbys support our Midnight Margaritas by letting us have this girls time! 

Tomorrow is Midnight Margaritas! I don’t stress and worry about “What if I don’t feel good?” “What if I get too exhausted?” “What if I get cranky because the pain is intense?” I don’t have to worry about that with Emilia, because if any of that or all of that happens, she will be there to support me! We don’t have to be “doing” anything or “going” anywhere! We can just be. 
And this, this is why I have the Best-Best friend! 


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