And Tonight’s Special…

If it’s not Insomnia it is Painsomnia, or exhaustion, I am lucky enough to get that once a week. 

Tonight Painsomnia is the Special,  it’s a common dish served here that includes cramping and aching specifically tonight is the neck, collarbone, and legs. With a side of fever at 101′ and the weirdest side of pruney feet and hands! This “Special” probably has something to do with the high pulse rate I’ve had all day! And for desert a throbbing headache! Yummm! 

I was diagnosed with Secondary Adrenal insufficiency back in November of 2015, I knew to updose in stressful situations! I’ve read enough about people needing to updose in the heat, or when in pain, and some even when the weather changes, but it never occurred to me until tonight that I am one of the “them” I read about.

I don’t know why I thought I could/should only Updose when things were SUPER stressful! 

Yes, things are pretty darn stressful right now, I thought I was doing okay! 

Yes, the weather change has my fibro fighting mad.

Yes, there is all 100+ degree heat. 

Yes, my body has now accepted GERD, (being treated the last 3 days.)

Yes, my plantar fasciitis is in a fit. 

Hmmmm, NO, I did not even think about updosing! Why? 

Why? Because Many doctors do not know what to tell me to do or watch for. I keep my doctors notes and refer to them when something new happens. But this was not in the notes. 

Thankfully, the online AI groups I am in are very educational and usually quick to answer one of my “I’m a newbie” questions. 

Awareness! The medical community needs awareness! The world needs awareness. I need awareness! 

I write this blog to show the RAW everyday life of invisible chronic illnesses, to spread awareness, to show a fellow Spoonie YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And part of this RAW-ness is admitting “I DID NOT KNOW!” 

UPDOSING! Praying tonight’s SPECIAL changes to a dreamy sleep! Well it’s 4am, so probably not much dreamy. 


2 thoughts on “And Tonight’s Special…

  1. I quite like the term painsomnia! Sums it up well! I know what you mean about updosing- it seems really obvious once you’ve done it and feel slightly better for it, but you feel a bit like you’re ‘breaking’ the rules and resist as much as possible. Go with your gut feeling, it’s probably right!

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