Finding The Calm~

Finding the calm in the storm is hard, something I have never been good at. Something that somehow I am getting better at though. 

I’m actually not sure how it happened today, but I’m glad it did, I found the calm in the storm. It seems as if our lives are being tilted, the threat of being tuned upside down is lingering. 

Watching someone I love try so hard at something while the opposing forces are cruel and ruthless, selfish and greedy is breaking my heart and sending my stress level through the roof! Why do good people suffer when the liars come out on top? 

But I cannot hurt myself over something we have no control over. I have to take care of me. My blood pressure went wacky today, my heart rate was not what it should be, all of my low cortisol symptoms started a storm in my body with intensity. I had to find the calm before the Lightning began striking. I had to calm down before I got any sicker. 

I updosed, I took a 4 hour nap, then I explored our yard. I tended to the vining morning glories that brighten my mornings. I felt the grass under my toes. My Healing Hounds were exploring with me, never getting to far away. I took my favorite Goddess statues out for a photo shoot. I let the beginning sprinkles of the incoming storm soak into my skin. 

And I found the calm in the storm. 


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