Seriously Not Impressed! 

Okay so I live this life mostly from bed. The pain and fatigue keeps me here! 

But then I start getting this thing where my throat burns and I feel like getting sick when I am laying down! 

I am seriously not impressed! I can’t lay down with out pain now and I’m so tired! 

Yes I start the medication today but for right now I am throwing a tantrum! I just laid down to take a nap and that is not happening due to this GERD! GERD, what even kind of word for a condition is that? Yes I know it’s initials- but still GERD? 

It should be called RMND! Ruin My Naps Disease! 

Okay sorry for the vent! The discomfort is maddening. I hate new symptoms! 


3 thoughts on “Seriously Not Impressed! 

  1. I’m sorry to hear that things are so difficult for you now. I hope it will get better.
    I have suffered from severe GERD for several years now, and at this point my meds for it stopped working.
    Here are some things my doctor told me to do that I found helpful :
    Never lie down flat. I use a wedge. My doctor said you should be at least 5 feet in the air, practically sitting up.
    Chocolate and coffee or anything with caffeine are the worst offenders.
    Don’t wear tight clothing around your stomach.
    Hope that helps!

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    1. Palm smack to the forehead—
      The medicine stops working??? 😢
      Coffee and chocolate are my lifeline! 😢
      And yes, I’ve switched to loose clothing around my waist.
      Thank you for the tips!
      I was told to quit the caffeine a long time ago, maybe it’s time.


      1. It took me a long time to give them up…It’s hard.
        Especially if you are so limited with foods in the 1st place.
        I’m happy to help. You know,that was my reaction when the doctors told me it stopped working☺


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