I am Thankful to Facebook Groups! 

How did we ever survive without social media? Tonight I am thankful, again, for Facebook Groups! This time my fibromyalgia group. 

You see I am in this amazing group of such loving and kind cfs/me & fibro spoonies! The admin of the group is phenomenal with her information, insight, and compassion too. 

For quite sometime I have been having this coughing thing and then in the last month I’ve developed a burning in my throat that made me feel on the verge of vomiting. 

I posted my newest symptoms on the group page and received such supportive responses, suggestions, and well wishes. One response (from the admin herself) suggested GERD and she messaged me more information. 

The cough that I’ve had is probably not post nasal drip but GERD! Many of the symptoms matched. So I emailed my dr and asked for help to relieve whatever is going on. Guess what? Tomorrow I pick up medication for GERD. No I’m not happy about a probable additional diagnosis, neither am I happy about another medication. But to ease this before it does severe damage would be awesome. 

That is a pretty insightful admin! Tonight she is still walking me through the ins and outs. Hopefully I will be feeling better soon. 

So once again, by being on these groups, by me telling my story and others telling theirs, I will soon be finding relief. 


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