Oops- I didn’t see that coming

Today I woke up feeling great, well as great as a Spoonie gets to feel! I was ready to get some things accomplished, but the pain kicked in quick and hit me like a ton of bricks. I was confused, I had not had a chance to over do anything! 

I continued to spiral down as the day went on. 

Cuddled up to hubby on the porch this evening I suddenly noticed the sky… I pointed and said a few not so nice words…

The sky was full of clouds! How did I not think to check the weather? 

It hasn’t rained here in so long I guess I forgot about rain pains. 19 days of temperatures above 100′ who watches the weather for rain or barometric pressure? Not me! 

The rain won hit us tonight, it’s expected by Thursday! Leave it to me to feel it 3days before it gets here! 

So much for over doing it today, didn’t even have a chance. 


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