My hips are being mean to me tonight and it’s making my knees, ankles, and feet mad! 

The discomfort- ha “discomfort” isn’t that an understatement for the PAIN I am in- is keeping me awake. I toss and and turn- okay that isn’t right either- it’s more like I lift and flop because it hurts to  roll softly! 

My throat is burning, I’m told it’s heart burn, that’s new the last couple of weeks- but it’s not pleasant and makes me feel like a puke mess is seconds away. 

People say, “You’ve been in pain so long, you should be used to it by now.” Well I guess it kind of makes sense to think that, and I wish it were the case, but NO, I am not used to this pain! I am not used to being up all night! 

I am being a baby tonight, pity party of one! 


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