Am I weird? 

I’ve been noticing a lot lately that most spoonies are on strong medications for pain, my first thought is “Do they actually work for you?” 

I tried big pain meds years ago and they did nothing for me, well, except for make my mind slow down (which was nice.) But they did nothing to relieve the pain so I stopped taking them. 

The pain is going to be excruciating with or without the pain killers, they didn’t even help me sleep. Not to mention most pain medications make me very sick. 

I am on a cocktail of other medications, Lyrica and Nefazadone at bed time for example, that does help with the pain. But they are not considered pain medications. 

So am I weird that I do not take pain medications for a pain that cannot be medicated? 

I am NOT in anyway saying anything negative toward those who are lucky enough to find relief. I am envious! I wonder how my quality of life would change if I was on pain killers. 

Yet I am thankful that I am not on the list of people stressing about their pain meds, if the dr will refill them, paying for them, taking with food (I don’t need anymore weight gain.) 

I must just be weird. 


4 thoughts on “Am I weird? 

  1. Luckily, I found that a combination of MSContin and Percocet worked well for me, at least so I can function. Became tolerant to them, so I didn’t feel sleepy off them or anything. Hopefully I’m on my way off those now that problem #1 of 2 that was causing the chronic pain has been fixed. Long story, check out my blog if you’re curious!

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