Get Passionate~

Get Passionate about something, anything, but Get Passionate. When I first started getting sick again, this time with SAI, I lost my passion! I fell into a hole of despair, anger, and a lack of motivation for anything. 

I just didn’t care about anything anymore- I prayed at night to just go peacefully in my sleep! I was tired of fighting and now I had something new to fight! I did not want to go on! Not one more day! 

Yet I kept waking up every morning, to a new day, a new day to fight! That alone made me more angry! 

Then one day or maybe it was little by little I wanted to live! 

I was scrolling through Facebook one painsomniac night and a post caught my attention, a post about tiny Goddess statues. Little did I know the BIG impact that post would have on my life. 

That post introduced me to Feminine Spirituality, for quite some time I have walked the Pagan path, a natural path, but something about those tiny statues (their artist and her teaching) ignited a flame in me that would later lead to emotional healing on a level I did not know was possible. 

My PASSION grows daily! My passion to help other women find strength in themselves, to find their inner power regardless of physical limitations. There is strength to be found and achieved in women’s circles, it changes our perception of ourselves. My PASSION is help women heal! 

I am so PASSIONATE about this that at the end of August I am taking training to become a Red Tent facilitator! I will host circles where women come together to grow and heal in their own power with the help of a Sisterhood! 

My point of telling you my PASSION is to tell you that finding something you are passionate about can help heal the soul even when our bodies fail us. We may be stuck in these painful bodies but we can still do so much! Our souls want us to live not just survive. 

Today I want to live! I want to inspire others to want to live- fully live! 

*Before judgement is placed about my spiritual path I would be more than happy to answer questions about Feminine Spirituality or Paganism. Both are extremely misunderstood and I would be happy to clear the misunderstanding. 

*part of my Story Goddess Collection. Each Goddess tells a story that I resonate with and She represents a strength and power that I invite into my life. 


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