Funny Fog Follies- Part One. 

Rather it is are funny or not it is part of so many chronic illnesses, the brain fog! 

We hate the fog! I have to admit though, there has been some memorable moments made by my brain fog. It makes me feel ridiculous, I know I am smarter than these things, but they happen and I cannot help it. 

So I laugh, sometimes. 

Most of us experience blips of forgetting where we parked, putting the sour cream in the oven, forgetting how to get home from someplace we’ve been to a thousand times. And of course speech; the twististing up of words at the worst times. Or when I get mad, oh I just get madder because the words twist and go backwards and stall and the other person cannot even stay mad. That is a whole different post, so for now let’s talk Super FOLLIE! 

Like the time… 

I put body wash in my hair as conditioner and forgot to rinse it! Or Powdered sugar instead of pour for gravy. Or not recognizing the person I had been waking up to for two years. Or acne cream on the tooth brush instead of toothpaste. Or. 

Okay seriously, brain fog just kicked in and I cannot remember the funniest ones… so I am changing the title to Part One! 

Do you have Funny Fog Follies to share? 


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