Today I got to use my newly put together Health Binder! I love it by the way! I have sections for symptom trackers, lab results, doctors contact info, a whole section for SAI (Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency) all of my other diagnosed illnesses have one tab. 

Oh, anyway, sidetracked. Ummm. (Brain fog) oh yeah ignorance!

 It’s recommended by NADF to let the local ER and Paramedics know that I am in their service area and I do have SAI so they can be prepared/educated in the event of a crisis. So I gathered up their pre-written letter and more information from their website and here is what happened. 

I walk in the ER doors, they are not busy, the receptionist asks how she can help me, I tell her FIRST thing I do not need to see a doctor. She says okay then repeats her first question. So I tell her I am there with information about the rare disease I have so in the event of a crisis it will not be such a surprise and they will know what to do if I am not able to respond. Do you  know what she says to me? 

Oh so you do need to see a doctor?

I ask her if she thinks that would be best. She says well if I needed treatment that would be best. No I do not need treatment at this time.  So I explain again, in different words what I am there to give her. So she then proceeds to tell me that she cannot take my information and that I should just give it all to the nurses when I do come in needing the emergency treatment for my rare disease. 

Say what? Seriously? 

 What do I even say to that? So I thanked her and walked out feeling stupid! Then I realized it is not me being stupid but her ignorance. NADF would not have all of this information and printable packets if they are not important. 

It was still disheartening! Not sure what to do now! 

But still loving my binder! 💙


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