Getting Organized…

Or Not! 

Last night I found an amazing post by “CortisolMusings” about organizing a Health Binder! I loved the article and got excited, shared it to multiple groups and my own pages.

Today I bought the dividers and a new 1.5 inch binder! I am going to do this!

I came home and laid out the tabs and binder and reached for my stack of medical information, what I have already printed in the past. Then I sat there. I sat there some more. Maybe I just need a break. So I took a break and then sat there some more! 

It’s overwhelming! There is a lot of information there. Labs and X-rays and MRI reports and medications and more medications. ER visits and more medications. The amount of doctors I have seen in the last 5 years sure does look different on paper. 

I am taking another break! I will tackle this one divider tab at a time! It is not going to happen quickly and I need to be okay with that. 

One divider tab at a time! 

You should really check out the article! It is fabulous and is going to be an amazing help! My appointments will run so much easier!


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