Fibromyalgia Led to This? 

Tonight I was thinking about posts in groups and it has me curious…

A couple years ago my fibromyalgia flared the worst flare I had ever had, it just kept getting worse. At one point, by multiple doctors they thought it was Lupus, I was one of those cases “that hadn’t showed up in the blood work yet.” So Lupus is was, then it wasn’t! 

I met this new doctor and he said “This is not Lupus. This is not a fibromyalgia flare.” So started the Cortisol testing. 

Just a few days after starting the Hydracortisone, the steroid we are put on for Adrenal Insufficiency, and wow I started feeling better. Don’t get me wrong, the pain and fatigue still kicks my butt, but I feel better. And wow do I feel worse if I am even late on a dose. 

What I am noticing is that many people with Fibromyalgia are later finding AI too, only they are first diagnosed with “Adrenal Fatigue”- I won’t go into the controversial “There is no such thing,” but I will say… What if these doctors checked Cortisol sooner, like as a first test to run? 

I’ve heard that some SAI patients are able to come off of the steroids, so if we caught the problem before it did so much damage, maybe things would be different. 

And… How many fibro spoonies are suffering AI because their doctors don’t know to check for cortisol and just keep calling it a fibro flare? 

Awareness, it does not just apply to our friends and family and general public! The medical community needs to be better educated too. 

On that same hand, I am no doctor and my assumptions are just guesses based on my own personal experiences and watching others. I am no doctor. I am not saying everyone with fibro has AI or vice versa, I’m just saying It looks like there is more to be learned about the connection. 

Anyway, there is my rant and ramble for the night! I hope you are sleeping comfortably and peacefully! 



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